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Angel Herb Incense, for connecting with Angels Spirits, meditation, clarity, comfort, peace, release anxiety

Angel Herb Incense, for connecting with Angels Spirits, meditation, clarity, comfort, peace, release anxiety


3ml Sample


Angel Herb Incense is blessed to connect with your angels and spirit guides so that you are comforted and have a clear knowing that they are there to help you even in your toughest situations. When lighting this incense you will experience, comfort, peace of mind and relaxation. You will be able to release your worries and anxieties and be able to have faith in your toughest situations no matter how dark things may seem in the moment. When you think there is no hope, it will feel that there is when lighting this herbal blend. Use this incense for mediation purpose or even to help you feel more connected to your angels or spirit guides around you. By trusting in the universe, you will be able to enjoy life more and you will find that things will magically happen when we ask the Angels and Spirit guides to help us. this is also considered a great for rituals as well.

The herbs are blessed with essential oils to even more magical. The following herbs are in here:

Rose: Sending love to the angels and being able to feel the love all around you. Know that this herb also helps with connecting with the Angels and spirit guides more personally, helping you open up your psychic senses and promoting healing to you in your toughest situations. Know that you are loved in every way.

Orange: For happiness and Joy, to help feel good about your situation regardless of how it may seem.

Copal: to help you feel relaxed and knowing that your answer will come soon to you. removes blockages so you have clarity of the situation and helps you release worries and anxieties.

Bay leaf: Gives you strength to pull through any situation that seems to be tough at the moment. Provides the sense of hope and protection

Cypress: for comfort, calmness peace of mind. Have the knowing that the Angels and Spirit guides are by your side. Great for meditation as well.

Please choose from the following sizes 3 ml Sample Size, 1/2 oz or 1 oz. A little goes a long way with these incense powders.



  • 3ml Sample